6 Reasons to leave legacy software and switch

Key Reasons to Consider Migrating Your Legacy Systems

Organizations don’t like to leave their legacy system easily as there are several concerns for moving into a new platform. Major of the companies doubt whether they will be able to retain/maintain the historical data after migration, and some don’t like to shift. These concerns are absolutely valid and must be dealt carefully to ensure the success of legacy system migration. By moving from an old software to a new one, a business can significantly boost efficiency.

However, if the software or applications aren’t upgraded, then the overall efficiency and even the profitability of the company may suffer. Before getting ahead of ourselves, let’s take a few minutes to go back in time and explore what a legacy system is and how it affects businesses daily around the world.

“There is a lot to be said for loyalty in life: but applying this loyalty to an outdated system could be holding your organization back.”

Slow, Crashing, and Poorly performing legacy systems:

A lack of security patches within older systems may lead to vulnerabilities and this could put the system at risk of being compromised. Maintaining and expanding systems can be difficult because there is a lack of understanding about how they are run.

Integration, Scalability and Compatibility issues:

New systems may be difficult to integrate with older technologies as there may not be sufficient demand for the integration with new age technologies like WhatsApp, BI, IOT, Banks or any API (Application Programming Interface) based applications.

IT Specialists/Hardware retiring

IT workers are retiring and younger professionals are not training with bygone computer languages. This means that when these legacy professionals retire, they can be impossible to replace – and to make matters worse, hardware makers and vendors are, in many cases, no longer offering support for their legacy products.

Device-dependent legacy systems that lack mobile versions

Think about how you access the internet, do you always switch on a laptop/PC or do you prefer to use a mobile device such as a tablet or smart phone? Many legacy systems are not designed to deal with rapidly expanding mobile services; as well as being unable to offer the capabilities necessary to offer services on social networks and other platforms.

Your legacy software is not scalable

Failing to keep up with IT trends is a significant black mark for any business. For example, if a competitor launches a new app and your company can’t do the same because it doesn’t have the back-end system capable of supporting such a flexibility, then this could seriously affect your business.

The system no longer solves your business problems

Old systems require an excessive amount of custom-code to run new tools. In many cases, they completely fail in establishing any compatibility. Adding new apps or tools that help in making your production system more efficient or a CRM to manage your customers is important and can be achieved by upgrading your legacy software.

Is there a middle ground?

If you’re thinking of replacing a legacy system, you may not need a complete rip out and replace. Instead, service-oriented architecture, known as SOA, will allow companies to introduce new software in stages. This incremental introduction could be seen as a lower risk strategy. However, in some cases a complete replacement of legacy systems may be a necessity: especially when the old system cannot support essential new technology.


Regardless of your decision, there is only one correct direction – transforming your legacy systems. Act now! The results are worth taking the risk.

Now that you are enlightened on the different downfalls of the legacy system, take some time to think about how it will affect your organisation in the future. It might not be an easy journey and you need to consider each part of your system before planning to move away from a legacy system.

But if you need help to get ready to enter the digital age, don’t hesitate to reach us and we can talk about how to solve the problems you face with your legacy system.

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