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Stay ahead of your business with Industry Specific Add-Ons

The specially designed wide range of add-ons helps in enhancing the performance of your SAP system. These add-ons can be plug-ins, industry solutions, or customer-specific development projects. Piculets add-ons are developed by our team of experts using tried and tested methods.

These add-ons are ideal for business functions such as production, service, project management, distribution, and retail.

Our range of add-ons enables the users to configure functionalities and tasks that were earlier possible with expensive and major development practices.


Key Benefits

Manage customer and partner contacts as well as scheduled sales activities

Get alerts about deviations from approved prices and other significant events

Visualize key business information with real-time reports

Create or view sales opportunities and orders, and handle service call activities

Monitor inventory levels and get detailed product information

To enhance the power of your SAP Software Solution, get our revolutionary Add-Ons