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SAP Business One for Transitioning into a data-centric manufacturing organization



The Aerospace and Defense companies which deal with parts manufacturing has been on the leading edge of advanced technology, and this growing industry needs to adhere to strict government guidelines. Making it difficult for the business leaders to grow and earn profit and manage supply chain.


SAP Business One Solutions:

Piculets a consulting company for SAP Business One partner in India along with SAP  software is uniquely positioned to help our customers in Aerospace and Defense Companies meet with challenges and promote innovation. We have a deep understanding of Aerospace & Defense  industry processes, the day-to-day challenges faced by these businesses and comprehensive technology solutions from SAP like SAP Business One and SAP Business By Design that  can drive transformation and measurable business value can be met using SAP for supply chain management

Gain great control over your aerospace manufacturing process with full visibility and control over aerospace security and AS9100 compliance standards, project schedules & costs, inventory and supply chain, tracking and faster deliveries.

Piculets offers customized ERP solution for all industries in India.

Map the future of your Aerospace and Defense business by transitioning into a data-centric manufacturing organisation with a lean management

Key Challenges faced by Aerospace and Defence Industry

Managing complex global supply chain

Managing and retaining diverse workforce

Embracing new approaches

Manually managed factories

Delay in manufactured products

High cost of training and consulting

Pricing pressures

Piculets specializes in SAP Business One and SAP Business By Design Solutions to enhance your efficiency in business and increase ROI, resulting in overall growth.

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Our solution will provide key benefits

Key Benefits:

  • Managing supply chain SAP is much easier
  • Adhere to all the government security regulations and guidelines
  • Get round the clock technical support
  • Reduce maintenance costs with our specific solution using Infor
  • Plan projects and manage from design through out till phase outs and schedules with just a click
  • Experience faster deliveries and achieving ISO compliance.
  • Easy lot management and material traceability with quality report for each finish goods
  • Generate GST, Electronic Invoicing for a single or multiple documents.
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Get in touch with team Piculets to know more about how leaders in aerospace and defence industry can scale their business to its true potential by leveraging our SAP Solutions.