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SAP Business One for Improve Efficiency of Automotive Value Chain



The Automotive industry has been amongst the most dynamic markets. It is important for automotive manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors to optimize their existing businesses. They must ride the disruption that is reinventing the mobility industry. Currently they are facing the challenge of sharpening their core competencies while increasing the pace of innovation, integrating with technology partners, and transforming their interaction with consumers through new business models to meet changing customer expectations.

Solutions with SAP Business One:

The traditional segmentation of manufacturers, car owners, and logistics services providers is breaking down, and new auto players like Uber, Google, Apple, and Tesla have entered the market. The industry is struggling to sustain its core business while investing in new revenue streams.

Digital transformation allows you to reimagine your business models and processes, as well as your workforce. SAP solutions empower automotive companies to accelerate product innovation, improve quality, reduce manufacturing costs, and sell and service vehicles more profitably. This helps drive market share growth in a highly competitive global market. With SAP solutions, companies can use data-driven intelligence that combines the world of technology, sensors, and vehicle data with a world of applications and practices.

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With rising automation in the automotive industry, drive your business towards profitability and keep pace with industry trends.

Our SAP Solutions help businesses overcome many more following challenges


With high level of competition, it is becoming difficult for businesses to survive internal and external pressures

Complex Compliance

With strict government norms issues such as traceability and compliance are increasing operational burdens

Service and Warranty Management

Leveraging the supply-chain is putting more focus on supplier quality management

Shrinking Operating Margins

Global competition and new innovations are driving prices down. Making it imperative for the companies to become cost-efficient in order to remain profitable

Short Planning Cycles

Keeping inventory aligned to match frequent changes in customers demand

Lack of Real-Time Information Availability

Lack of accurate data results in delayed decision making

More Roboust solution with experience

With Business One Solutions from SAP, automotive sector can easily master all challenges while integrating its day-to-day operations and becoming a digitally transformed company.

Benefits of leveraging SAP Solution for Automotive Businesses

Key Benefits:

  • Get Real-Time insights and operational reports on the go with SAP Business One Mobile app
  • Get automatic alerts, workflows, and response to key business processes
  • Keep crucial activities under control and check the performance of all departments irrespective of their location
  • Reduce production cost, improve product and customer service quality with SAP  Business One on Whats App
  • Manage your inventory, keep a tab on fluctuating prices of materials and place orders whenever prices are low
  • Generate Single or Multiple invoices for GST and E-Way Bill which can be shared over Whats App with the help of SAP Business One
  • Achieve -15% decrease in Manufacturing cost, Where machinery and tools are allocated to operations and status and usage is tracked in real time*
  • Achieve -13% Cost per interaction where multichannel communication is used to optimize customer contact*
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So don’t wait and adopt a SAP Solution for your Automotive Business today!