Manufacturing Industry

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End-to-End optimized value chain of Industrial manufacturing using SAP Business One


In this digital-age customers have become more informed and smart with the real time from ERP implementation. Their demand patterns keep on changing. When it comes to manufacturing function silos they make meeting these demands difficult, putting manufacturing businesses at disadvantage. To meet such demand of the evolving business SAP Business One for Manufacturing Industry a comprehensive solutions provide you the gateway to become digitally relevant for Industry 4.0

SAP Business One Solution:

With SAP Business Suite powered by SAP Business One on HANA, plus a strong line of business applications and the Web-enabled SAP HANA Cloud Platform, SAP is uniquely positioned to help industrial machinery and components (IM&C) companies compete. SAP Business One software enables IM&C companies to run, grow, and transform their business networks to better serve customers and create new revenue streams.

Drive more marketing share with a complete solution implementation to manage batch costing, advance production planning, material Requirement planning, scheduling, raw material costing and many more for discrete or process manufacturing company using SAP solutions.

Connect your equipment, people, and operations digitally to your extended supply chain by leveraging the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT). Get the manufacturing intelligence and visibility you need to run in real time – and tightly integrate your manufacturing processes with business operations.

To succeed, manufacturing businesses need to adopt professional services technology

Lack of integration between core departments like Finance, Sales, HR, Production, Purchase,Quality and so on

Too much dependency on Traditional Excel sheets

Insufficient Planning and Out-of-Stock issues

Lack of Regular Production Updates and Quality Control

Inadequate Reporting and Certifications

Wasted Resources and Higher Costs

Difficulty in Monitoring KPIs

Whether it’s process/discrete manufacturing we have the experience

With SAP consulting partner like us, manufacturing companies can easily master all challenges while integrating its day-to-day operations and get great insights using HANA Analytics

Key Benefits of SAP Solutions for Manufacturing Businesses

Streamlines production and planning for improved management

  • Gain better insights in machine scheduling and labour utilization rates using resource module from SAP
  • Minimize inventory carrying costs and avoid out-of-stock situations
  • Easily calculate and improve the profit margin, resulting in overall business profit by creating cost center and profit centers
  • Track inventory and stock movements in real-time
  • Meet regulatory orders and guidelines like ISO
  • Real-time reports for quicker and better decision making using mobile app from SAP
  • Generate GST and E-Way invoices with a click of a button
  • Send invoices to your customer and vendors using our Whats App Add-on built over SAP
  • Track all your material from RW to FG using our Quality Add-on which manages Incoming material receipt, In process, In house production, Process Parameters, Pre-dispatch.
  • Outsource your minor production working and track all the details right from Raw Material to Finish goods using Piculets Add-on for issue of Purchase order or doing incoming inspection or rejection of items or generation of 57 F4 challan.

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