Packaging Industry


SAP Business One can help in Managing Product Packaging, Design & Labeling seamlessly to streamline business processes


In this digital economy, production processes are conducted in various capacities and volumes for customers with different needs. Packaging now plays a greater role in raising value and demand of any product. Consumers tend to buy the product with better packaging also, with the rise in e-commerce packaging ensures that the products are delivered to the consumers without any damage.

SAP Business One Solutions:

SAP Business One software for packaging companies carry a plethora of benefits, which eventually go on to drive the revenue. Irrespective of the size of your packaging business, our solutions fit the need and requirements of all. SAP Business One  software ensures that you are not left behind and lends that extra needed pace for your packaging business.

Piculets offers customized ERP solution for all industries in India.

Transform the way your business functions and manage all the packaging needs efficiently, while cutting down extra time and wastage.

Key Challenges faced by Packaging Industry

Complexity of increasing customer demands

Increasing global competition and strict regulations

Increasing cost of raw materials

Shrinking profit margins

Fluctuating demand cycles

Piculets specialises in SAP Solutions for packaging businesses which enhances their efficiency and increase ROI, resulting in overall growth.

To ensure that the complex operations of a packaging business are carried out smoothly, an ERP is a must. It ensures the growth of the business.

Leverage our SAP Solutions and gain umpteen benefits

Key Benefits

  • Streamline all the processes and operations.
  • ISO standards and other compliance management.
  • Improve profit margins with efficient costing insights.
  • Integration of subsystems like PLC, CAD, etc.
  • Effective quality assurance.
  • Flexible multi-level margin calculation.
  • Increase sales by reducing and avoiding stock-outs.
  • Also  a proactive role in tracking and moving inventory with auto mail and SMS this will help to track your packaging industry on the go.
  • We provide you access to all the reports from day based pending sales order, consumption, batch costing and daily production report at your fingertips and also can be published over an email to the management.

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