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SAP Business One can help Unlock new business value with digital technology


With the continuous growth in retail sector in the recent years, it has emerged as one of the leading sectors in the economy. The tremendous growth in this sector has led to enormous competition and rapid shift in consumer demand compelled the retailers to work on tight margins and adopt new formats of sales like e-commerce and web stores.

To keep their businesses thriving it is must for the retailers to leverage an ERP solution which can handle the daily operations of their businesses efficiently without any glitches.

SAP Business One Solutions:

The empowered consumer has fundamentally changed retail. SAP Business One solutions help retailers establish a digital foundation to simplify their business with a detailed understanding of their customers’ needs and the ability to serve them individually and seamlessly across all channels. Retail solutions from SAP, based on the SAP Business on HANA platform and available in the cloud, deliver unified and simplified software on a real-time platform that helps you understand your customers and then plan, execute, and monitor your business in real time.

Piculets offers customized ERP solution for all industries in India and we are registered SAP Business One Partner in India.

Manage retail chain complexities, monitor inventory levels while eliminating the scope of human errors and give your customers the shopping experience they deserve.

Our SAP Solutions can prove to be the one stop solution to overcome all challenges faced by retailers

Maintaining and integrating multiple stores

Catering to the needs of customers around the globe through e-commerce

Meeting consumer demand in terms of same day shipping, personalization, and mobile payment solutions

Attracting and retaining customers in the long run

Maintaining inventory levels

Identifying consumer behaviour patterns

Be ready for the challenges faced in the day-to-day operations of retail businesses

With SAP Solutions, retail Businesses can benefit more from our specially designed SAP solutions.

By leveraging our solution you will get many key benefits

  • Reduction in inventory cost and integrated inventory management system.
  • Manage good receipt PO, stock transfer shipment & good issues receipts.
  • Automate forecasting, replenishment, and optimization at your fingertips.
  • Make informed business decisions which include inventory and cash flow.
  • Retailers can view the entire stock across stores and at the main warehouse and distribution centers.
  • Reduce -15% Customer attrition, With customer insights to measure and improve customer engagement*
  • Get With real-time inventory visibility*

Piculets offers customized ERP solution for all industries in India and we are registered SAP Business One Partner in India.

We can help your business grow and thrive with our SAP Solutions and services. To know more get in touch today!