Infor Enterprise Asset Management ( EAM )

Infor EAM 1

Maximise asset availability with predictive maintenance software

Move from reactive to predictive maintenance and service with the Internet of Things (IoT)

It is a modern, best-in-class enterprise asset management solution which is equipped with in-built functionality and industry-specific editions that promote overall improvement in performance and efficiency using predictive and preventive technologies. Infor EAM Solutions can be accessed on any device, deployable in cloud, on premise, or as hybrid. Built on modern architecture, it is suitable for all the business requirements and promotes growth.

Designed for enterprise of every size Infor EAM gives you the needed flexibility to manage your business with ease.

Asset Management

Reasons to choose Infor EAM

  • Energy saving- deliver long term continuity of your equipment and attain significant energy savings at your establishment.
  • Streamline purchasing and procurement- generate requisitions, calculate purchase orders, and order parts and supplies with a click of a button.
  • TPM and OEE- Infor EAM has the capability to lay foundation for fewer breakdowns, defects and stops. It will be a vital part of your total productive management (TPM) plan and your overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).
  • Lower facility management costs- track essential asset details, create service contract records for equipment under warranty and lower your operating costs.
  • Track labour and compliance- avoid resource shortages, over-utilization, and track and eliminate labour costs while ensuring compliance with ISO 9000, OSHA, HAZMAT, Joint Commission, workforce development requirements and employee training.
  • Reduce unscheduled downtime- create and manage work order assignments and schedule tasks to avoid equipment failures.
  • Predict and prevent equipment failure- extend the life of your assets and lower costs with the preventive maintenance plans. Infor Enterprise      Asset Managment prevents equipment failure and increases productivity.
  • Streamline inventory management– return, adjust, and move inventory items so that less money would be tied up in underutilized assets and necessary parts would be always available.
Asset Mgmt

Highlights of Infor EAM

Meet the changing demands of your industry without altering your production schedules.

Determine the perfect mix of failure-based maintenance, preventive maintenance and condition based maintenance.

Ultra modern dashboards that enable you to make better decisions.

Features like lockout, checklist, and data sheets ensure health and safety of your business.

Build the maintenance program around these best practices

When you invest in Infor EAM you gain the following:


  • Asset hierarchy management- easily track all your assets with the help of a “family tree” that connects systems, equipment and locations.
  • Budget Management- completely automate you’re your budget process from setting it up to maintaining it.
  • Inspection Management- now get instant notifications of any asset problems and solve it instantly.
  • Purchasing Management- stay on top of ordering, delivery time, receipt and much more.
  • Work Management- now easily manage and track all asset, planning, labour, and scheduling without any hassles.
  • Materials Management- take total charge of your store room inventories, including economic order quantity, cycle counts, issues returns and so on.

With the help of team Piculets you can manage your assets smoothly.