Efficiently Control All Business Operations in the Automotive Industry 

The automotive industry is considered one of the fastest emerging industries, vastly contributing to the world’s growing economy.  
Due to rising demand in this field, this industry seeks to improve customer satisfaction, marketing, sales management, cost reduction, and efficient supply chain management. SAP Business One highly assists this industry by providing solutions that help deliver innovative products and achieve maximum customer satisfaction. It also helps automotive manufacturers and suppliers to adhere to strict compliance and auditing guidelines. 

SAP Business One Modules for Automotive Industry

Business Functions of the Automotive Industry Solution Here are some business functions that the Piculets handle to offer visibility across your assembly, production, supply, and sales chains: 

Product Lifecycle Management 

Sales and Purchase Cycle

Supply Chain Management 

Business Partner Management 

  • Dealers/Vendors/C&F Agents/Customers

Warehouse Management 

  • Bin Location Management s

Integrated Inventory Management System

Accounting and Financing 

Product Marketing and Campaigning 

Customer Relationship Management 

Service Management 

Import and Export management with all necessary documents

Production Planning and Scheduling 

  • Multi-level BOMs
  • Job Work/Contracting/Sub-contracting
  • Yield and Scrap Management 
  • Product Costing and Quality Management
Features of the SAP Business One for Automotive Industry Solution Here's what you can expect with Piculets Team powered by SAP Business One:
Reduce Inventory Cost

Get crucial insights on consumption patterns and inventory of finished products in processes and raw materials

Track inventory to balance the cost of inventory with benefits

Keep track of system stock vs. physical stock

Get better insights on past price patterns and seasonal price drops

Track and convert obsolete materials and free up cash flow

Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS)

Stay on time and on- schedule with this feature. Ensures an appropriate balance between raw materials and the production processes. Easily view capacity allocations, bills of materials, batch group, and plan the next course of action.

Asset Availability and Reduce Downtime

Streamline schedules based on routine tasks & unique (Ad hoc) business demands. We provide an easier way to track assets, tools & data across multiple sites. You also manage your investments–measuring instruments, heavy factory assets, critical assets, movable assets, etc.

Labor capacity planning

Easy to measure standard labor hours against the required hours to meet your schedule by week, day, or shift, based on work orders and labor schedule. Calculate available labor by category and qualifications.

Material Resource Planning (MRP)

Gain a comprehensive view of your inventory across your warehouses in multiple geographies. Know precisely the stock locations item-wise and dispatch. Fix and revisit your re-order levels.

Order Management

A centralized place to manage order status, on-time deliveries, and meet customer expectations by efficiently handling product returns and exchanges.

SAP Business One for Automotive Industry

SAP Business One, combined with SoftCore Solutions, can help your business increase its operational efficiency, reduce risk, and raise profitability while encouraging innovative business models and customer services. SAP Business One, coupled with SoftCore Solutions, supports all essential business processes in the automotive industry and provides tools to drive efficient and effective operations. Built using input from customers, partners, and industry experts–as well as SAP’s technical expertise gained through extensive automotive experience and research–SAP provides solutions for the processes defined in this particular industry.