Drive higher levels of productivity from sales to processes

Chemical manufacturing is more than just water and chemicals. It is about moving into advanced tech and digitalization. To stay at the forefront of the market, chemical companies must balance creativity and adoption with easy day-to-day operations. SAP Chemical solutions are empowering intelligent enterprises in the industry.

Discover how our industry-focused SAP-qualified Piculets solution helps you manage end-to-end enterprise business processes, from manufacturing planning execution to logistics management to statutory compliance.

SAP Business One Modules for Chemical Industry

Business Functions of the Chemical Industry Solution Here are some business functions that the Piculets handle to offer visibility across your production, supply, chain & sales

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Certificate of Analysis (COA)

Instruction Log Sheet (ILS)

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)

Records and Log Management Records (RLM)

On-Premises Distribution Management (OPDM)

Features of the SAP Business One for Chemical Industry Solution Here's what you can expect with Piculets Team powered by SAP Business One:
Formulation Management

Monitor formulae in real time to account for input variability and reduce control cost

Safety Management

Ensure the environment and workers’ health and safety are maintained in real-time.

Import Management

Get analytical insights on foreign trade and procurement.

Talent Management

SAP-approved talent and workplace management

Procedural Management

Pre-built apps and build custom reports that comply with statutory and regulatory norms

RF Handheld Integration

Manufacturers can easily integrate the software with handheld RF devices.

Transaction Management

Provides access to a seamless and safe transaction procedure

Critical Data Management

Secures exchange of critical purchase and invoice orders with trading partners

Enterprise Asset Management

Optimize the entire process from procurement and manufacturing to sales, distribution, and financial accounting

SAP Business One for the Chemical Industry

The SAP B1 for the chemical industry facilitates finance, distribution, marketing, and uniting the data of chemical industry activities by the rule. The SAP B1 for the chemical industry controls the production, quality, shelf life, and traceability of materials and batches. Transparent and trusted relationships with customers for health, beauty, food, services, and household products improve sales.