With SAP Business One, Realize the Full Potential of Your Pharma Business.

With the remarkable advancement in the pharmaceutical industry in the past few years, many new organizations have entered this industry sphere. This has led to an increase in competition two folds, making it essential for pharmaceutical businesses to re-imagine their business, leveraging customer experience and operational data to face competition, patent expiration, and margin erosion.

SAP Business One Modules for Pharmaceutical Industry

Tackle challenges faced in the day-to-day operations of pharmaceutical businesses With SAP Business One Solution, Pharmaceutical Businesses can benefit more from our specially designed SAP Add-ons and with our proven implementation methodologies

Batch wise Formulations & Process Routings

Multiple Methods of Manufacture at Different batch weights at multiple manufacturing facilities
Co- and By-product support
Bottom-up material planning
Quality Management System
Full multi-level lot traceability – forward and reverse
Lot Re-Designation with Trace
Sub-lot processing
Container processing and tracking
Multi-usage Expiration Dating
Lot Allocation Qualifiers
Lot Archiving
Potency control for dynamic calculation of variable active substances
Dynamic batch balancing with on-line reformulation of actual recipes
Campaign planning for fast scheduling of repetitive batch production
How do we do it?

We believe that the best SAP projects are supported by thorough and proven procedures and focus on a clearly defined set of outcomes. At Piculets, we put this into action with an approach that is based on experience and in-depth understanding.

Key Benefits

Streamlines processes and enhances operational excellence


Regulatory and management controlling with auto alerts


Bi-Directional material traceability


Secure packaging with pick and pack, and shipping operations


Automated alerts for lot expiration, inventory levels, and a lot more


Manage Quality–IPQC, in-process inspection, and certificate of analysis


Efficient business performance monitoring


Easily manage outsourced lab testing like Microbiology test

Solutions We Offer

Embedded throughout ERP system

  • *Pop-up Window for entry of User Id and password as well as signature manifestation and comments
  • *User Configurable
  • *Multi-level Authorizations
  • *ERecords
Product Enhancements
  • *Lot Management
  • *Campaign planning
  • *Change control
  • *Archiving
  • *Approval processing
SAP Business One for Pharmaceutical Industry

As a sensitive industry with a direct impact on human health, the pharmaceutical industry is one of the most strictly regulated industries worldwide. SAP Business One for the Pharma industry is a robust, scalable, flexible, and high-performing ERP solution.

The digital batch record in the SAP system makes the complete production and origin process of individual components transparent and shows exactly who, what, when and which process parameter is available in the access log.

It covers the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) or FDA or 21CFR requirements for a processing log for each batch produced and contains all quality-relevant planned and actual data for the batch production. The structure and contents of the batch record comply with international standards that are defined by GMP guidelines and managed in SAP Pharmaceutical Solution.

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