Accelerate Your F&B Business Development with Food Manufacturing Software by SAP Business One

Get better control over your business processes to help assure optimal product quality and plan effective wholesale distribution. Our ready-to-deploy SAP solution for Food & Beverage businesses will improve your operations and give you the tools to assist with critical functions, including demand planning, supply chain management, quality management, and traceability.

Meeting food and beverage regulatory requirements and streamlining food production processes are vital challenges organizations face in this sector.

Our SAP Food & Beverage ready-to-use solution will give you the right tools, technology, and platform to optimize best practices and deliver long-term value to your customers.

SAP Business One Modules for Food & Beverage Industry

Business Functions of the Food and Beverage Industry Solution Here are some business functions that the Piculets handle to offer visibility across your assembly, production, supply, and sales chains:

Food & Beverage Industry

KOT Management

Quality Control

Pilferage or Waste Management

Online Order Scheduling

Complaints and Service Management

Features of the SAP Business One for Food and Beverages Industry Solution Here's what you can expect with Piculets Team powered by SAP Business One
Production & Packaging

Similarly, optimize your yield and increase production efficiency with process planning schedules. 

Batch Traceability

Monitoring the audit trail of an item using the serial or tracing of expired management to comply with industry standards.

Customer Relationship management

Build customer loyalty by leveraging up-to-date sales and marketing data, including order-tracking features, schemes, and promotions.

End- End Business management

A streamlined view to drive profitability and monitor sales and sales generated via 3rd party services provider.

Supplier Management

A complete view of supplier information, including the last purchase prices, price and delivery comparison, and stock management.


Maintain a customer list to monitor calls made or the promote promotional scheme and also integrate product orders directly into the system

Inventory Module

Monitor order information at the Kitchen level, production order consumption for a particular BOM, multiple group levels, or multiple currency levels.

Finance & Accounting

Manage delivery partner/payment partner settlement based on the commission value. Create auto approval or alert for any deviation.

SAP Business One for the Food & Beverage Industry

SAP Business One enables companies to ensure food safety better, comply with industry standards, and simplify many processes through automation. Effective warehouse management, inventory control, and accounting features are built to help food and beverage companies deliver high-quality products, reduce waste, and grow businesses.

The processes with the SAP Business One tool increase the efficiency of workflow and management functions with automated tracking, quality control, and analytic reporting for transparency and works seamlessly.

Your managers and staff can improve communication and productivity, creating a complete solution to some of these business-related issues.

Automation through SAP Business One boosts business processes, production, and functionality at a manageable cost.

You can trace specific batch information and related documentation and retrieve those records within seconds.