Stay ahead of your business with Industry Specific Add-Ons.

The specially designed wide range of add-ons helps enhance your SAP system’s performance. These add-ons can be plug-ins, industry solutions, or customer-specific development projects. Piculets team of experts have developed add-ons using tried and tested methods.

These add-ons are ideal for business functions, such as production, service, project management, distribution, and retail.

Our range of add-ons enables the users to configure functionalities and tasks that were earlier possible with expensive and significant development practices.

Dynamic industry-specific add-ons developed to meet your requirements.

SAP Business One can provide essential business functions to companies of all sizes. With our add-on programs, it is possible to boost the performance of SAP Business One. They add an element of depth or breadth to the base product.

Industry specific add-on

Piculets subcontracts add-ons are developed to help organizations eliminate manual work on stock analysis, purchase requisitions, and production scheduling for on-time completion.

Piculets Quality add-ons assist organizations in maintaining quality control measures that occur during the purchase of raw materials, the manufacturing process, and when it is completed.

Plant Maintenance :
You can bring all assets under the scope of your CMMS–be it heavy factory machinery, measuring instruments, lab equipment, movable assets, vehicles or any equipment using Piculets maintenance solutions. The work order management of your CMMS sees that no service request goes unnoticed or gets lost in the middle.

Facility Management Solution: Enterprise Facility Management

Piculets Facility Management Software enables facility management service companies to streamline maintenance in a simple, well-organized, and efficient workflow. Hence, facility owners need not unnecessarily shift their focus from their core business and increase productivity by creating a safe environment for work.

Field Service Management
Instantly retrieve the entire service history on mobile scan to understand the machine’s problem for providing complete fixes. Establish benchmarks for outstanding performance in the form of KPI metrics and provide instant help to your field staff in a Solution Bank containing solutions for frequently occurring issues accessible via mobile app.

Gate Management
This add-on has been developed for overall functionalities; projects in a firm are viewed clearly by using a solution manager. Schedule and allocate resources in a simplified approach.

To enhance the power of your SAP Software Solution, get our revolutionary Add-Ons.