Enjoy on-the-go productivity with instant data access.

Now run your business wherever you go, on your iOS or Android device, with SAP B1 Mobile Application. You can track sales, handle operations, and manage contacts at your fingertips.

In this digital age, businesses must adjust and become agile to stay ahead of competitors. Piculets offer you an opportunity to keep up with the ever-increasing pace of the business world by providing you with a fully integrated SAP B1 mobile application. This mobile app for iOS or Android devices is designed to help your business stay connected, whether people are on the road or at home. With this app, you can access all the valuable business information you require to be more productive while you are out of your office.

Key Benefits

Manage customer and partner contacts as well as scheduled sales activities

Get alerts about deviations from approved prices and other significant events.

Visualize essential business information with real-time reports

Create or view sales opportunities and orders, and handle service call activities

Monitor inventory levels and get detailed product information.

Key Objectives

Access, create, and change all relevant information so employees can make better decisions and respond to customer needs faster.

Ensure critical information is always at the fingertips of those who need it most.

Integrate the mobile solution with your back-end software system.

Get the power to run your business at your fingertips with our Mobile Apps.